Wednesday, 16 December 2015

On the first Game of Gamesmas....

....Fantasy Flight gave to me....


Welcome to the Regimental Magpies 12 games of Gamesmas. Over the holiday period we will valiantly attempt to play 12 different games. If we can manage it (and we will try!) you'll get to see some Infinity, Frostgrave, a Warmachine Unbound game, Bolt Action, Black Powder, Impetus and probably the odd boardgame. We may even manage to wrangle a review of the new Infinity RPG if we can get it in.

Day 1

In the first of our 12 celebratory games of Gamesmas, the Regiment (less Pelarel but plus one McBeth) played Eldritch Horror on a fairly damp and unpleasant Wednesday night at the Casa del McZermof.

McBeth demonstrates the Paranoia condition while Tank Engine shows what happens when you accept a Dark Pact. 
 This is the first time I'd played Eldritch Horror but have been keen to give it a crack since I saw it on Wil Wheaton's Tabletop on Youtube. What I learned tonight is that we suck at this game. Boy do we ever suck. Some of that revolved around not really being sure what we were supposed to do (or how to do it) and quite a lot more of it revolved around the really quite terrible Natcon 2008 dice that were in the box. Thanks McBeth.

Shortly before Azathoth ate the world...

We were, up to a point, actually doing okay. The first mystery took a bit longer than it probably should to resolve as we hadn't really mastered the travel mechanics and then Tank got stuck researching at Uluru, Prinny got stuck fighting monsters in the Amazon that I kept drawing out of the monster cup (because why draw Cultists when you can pull Gugs and Star Spawn??) McBeth the Second went insane, as did McBeth the first. Then the Mi-Go started playing silly buggers with the Northern Lights, we couldn't close Gates and we went from not a lot of doom to Azathoth eating the world in fairly short order, helped along in no small amount by a bottle of Macallan.

All in all, a good Wednesday night and a good start to the 12 Games of Gamesmas! 

Happy Holidays! 


  1. Did you miss out on the game I ran of it last year? In that one McBeth (the bearded one) ended up so powerful he punched Cthulhu to death.

    1. Lawl! I remember that one! That was a great game. Al wasn't there for that one and enough time had passed between then and now that I had completely forgotten how to play!

  2. Sounds like your average encounter with that sort of horror!

    What is next?

  3. Stoopid Dingoes holding me up at Uluru