Friday, 4 December 2015

The Return of the Magpie.

I have been working away at my Bolt Action list for our latest foray into magpie-ism. I had bought a whole lot of 28mm German infantry a few years ago, off a friend. This was to be for the game "Chain of Command", but this game did not ignite my fire - in fact it doused it quite considerably. However my love for WWII gaming continued and when Bolt Action started to be played around here (looking at you Prinny) I fell head over heels for it. Firstly there was the purchases to be made - The Puma. On a side note, I was never a plastic kit modeller - in fact I disliked all my attempts at building models when I was young and never managed to build anything correctly. The Italerii kit, in this case, was fantastic to build - quick and easy with all parts fitting beautifully.
So the excitement took over and I started painting my squads. I have some teams to complete and I still have to decide on the final makeup of the list, but I have decided to base the build around the Panzer Lehr (demonstration regiment). I broke out my copy of Battlefront's Villers Bocage and I have the beginnings of the history of the stuff I want to theme the army on.
The next task is to make a table of terrain to fight over. I have dug deep into the collection and made the terrain from things I already owned or made. Bolt Action seems to be a game that requires a bit of cover - so now I get to do another favourite part of my hobby and create a table. This has also convinced me that I need to make some more bits and pieces to complete the board as some of my older terrain is starting to get a bit tattered.
Something else I wanted to show off is my Knights of Dice building that arrived this week. This is an Australian company and they make some great looking (kind of Art Deco-ish looking) buildings that I am hoping to buy a few more of to create not only a cool looking infinity table but a nice looking Zombie tables.
This kit was incredibly easy to put together and looks brilliant. I can't wait to paint it. The only issue is you can't take the roof off and access inside (no real biggy).
Well that's all for this time - off to the modelling table I go. Tank


  1. Well that all looks super cool.

    1. Yep - really happy with how the Germans turned out.

  2. Yup - Germans look awesome. The Puma is especially nice. I was looking at the Artizan Panzer Lehr figures yesterday but you've stolen my thunder!

  3. Great looking Puma there, your table looks great to play on.
    Andy and I have played 2 games of Chain of command and didnt think it was much cop either - bolt action a lot better is it ? I must give it a try sometime.