Saturday, 6 February 2016

Builder's Crack

I have had a great summer of modelling and creating terrain. A couple of projects have been on the go one of which is the Brandywine work. With a few cool looking buildings needed for the table I have used the Perry American Farmhouse and based it up to create a nice little property.

The Renendra Ramshackle Barn got the same treatment. These two pieces made their debut on the gaming table against Scott in a game of Bolt Action at the club. They make a fine addition to the table.

Recently I have discovered a great Aussie laser cut MDF company called Knights Of Dice. I have managed to get hold of three of their buildings and a small plaza. I love the Art Deco feel of the buildings and they are going to be used on my Zombie/Infinity city table. I love the Sushi house, I only need to decide on a paint scheme (which I am finding a difficult choice).

I also put together a small park for the City table - with all these tall buildings it is good to get a little bit of open ground. I have some scatter coming from TTCombat (dumpsters, skips and park benches) and I have some wooden fencing from 4ground.

Here is the city table so far.
So now it's back to the painting and building.

Cheers Tank


  1. Those Brandywine buildings look awesome!

    1. Thanks mate - I am really pleased with how they came out.

  2. Those Brandywine buildings look awesome!