Saturday, 13 February 2016

Meet Gary, Gary Glacier.

Gary is a Glacier King for Trollbloods in Warmachine and Hordes. The Glacier King is a Gargantuan model which is a very large model standing about 10" tall. This is a huge model for me and I am not used to panting on this scale but I was really looking forward to it.

Clean up on this model was a real b#tch. I had to slice around 3cm of resin off his kilt and there is a lot of filler plugging gaps. I used Vallejo Putty which works a charm.
I put the core together, then I decided to paint the arms and head separately and stick him together later.
After an undercoat of light grey the base coats went on. I recently bought the P3 Trollbloods paint set and used the official colours for the skin. I then gave the skin a wash with Agrax Earthshade.
The icicle spikes were painted light blue and then washed with a dark blue wash, The the process of blending and highlighting started.
Then the snow needed a good couple of coats of white and then we were ready to stick it all together.
Next there are a few touch ups.
Lastly the job of painting and flocking the base, and Voila - meet Gary Glacier.
I can't wait to get Gary out on the table - I'll probably aim for Lords of Ruin in September - but I'll need lots of practice before then.



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