Saturday, 6 February 2016

Pooch's Painting: January

Well, it is only a week late, but here is what I managed to finish last month:

Bolt Action US Paras

I have had these guys painted for a while now (like... 4 months maybe?) but I hadn't based them up. So in January I based them all and painted up the 57mm AT gun and the M5A1 Stuart/M8 Scott to complete the army.

Close up on the Lieutenant

Rubicon M8 Scott

And the same tank, just with the Stuart turret- excellent work by Rubicon!
 Team Yankee 6mm US

The whole force
 My 6mm was previously painted in an all over desert scheme for Desert Storm era gaming, so to fit in better with Team Yankee, I decided to repaint it all into NATO 3 tone camo. Now, this isn't anywhere close to all of the 6mm I own, but rather this is just everything which I can use from the Team Yankee book, once Bradley's etc are made available in the rules, I will give them a repaint too!

My US is made up of three companies, two tank companies in M1A1 Abrams, and a Mechanised company in M113 APCs. Supporting them is M109 artillery, ITOW vehicles, mortar carriers and Vulcan AA guns. As well as the air support of 2 A10, 2 FA-18 (subbing in as A-10s), 2 AH-64 (subbing in as Cobras) and 2 AH-1 Cobras.

Close up on the first of the Tank Companies

Objective #1

Close up on the infantry

Objective #2
In Her Majesty's Name

The whole warband
 Well, I said that I was a magpie, and this warband is definitely proof of that! When IHMN came out, I bought this set and promptly played one game, and have never touched them since. So, as part of my "finish stuff this year you lazy git", I decided to actually finish them!

In the interm, I think they will make a good frostgrave band actually (Necromancer? Either the Mummy is a zombie, or a construct I think).

You know if you are in matching red robes, you are definitely the good guys.
The big bad guy himself

Close up on the big bad's tattooed skull. I used a fine pen to draw on the tattoos.


What a dramatic pose. And a scary looking assassin....
From the cupboard....
Right, lastly we have the completed models from the cupboard. This time it is two Wiesel light tanks in 1/56 scale, produced by Company B. These are pre-production versions, and are actually 3d printed. My only tip with the material is to clean it before you paint it. Twice! I had some issues where I hadn't cleaned the mould release well enough, and it did funny things to the paint. Anyway, two 1/56 scale armoured weapons carriers (they really aren't tanks)- with a 28mm soldier for scale. Can you believe they fitted two (on the 20mm) or three (on the TOW) crew into these?

Without a scale reference, these could look very imposing!

With a scale reference, you realize how you can fit two into the back of a CH-53....
Not a bad spot of painting for a month! I can promise you that there won't be this much everytime, as I will only be showing off things that I have finished. Just in case you were getting your hopes up...

Oh, the other thing I painted was a boat! Right, back to the painting table. February's painting involves so much red.....



  1. Looking great, Chris. What size bases did you settle on for TY in 6mm?

    1. I have gone with basically half of the base size for FOW- so infantry is on a small base, and I made a super-small base for the Dragons.

      I think(?) that everyone else is going to go that way too.

      Although in a 6mm tank game, it isn't super essential!

  2. jesus!! soon i'll post the 18 figures i mananged to paint in january...

    1. To be fair, I did a lot of completing, rather than a lot of painting from scratch.

      From scratch it is only about 15 28mm, 10 6mm, the two tanks and the boat....