Monday, 28 March 2016

6mm Madness

6mm moderns has been a long time project for not only myself but quite a few members of the Regiment. We have collected painted and created for a number of years with no real game to play. We made forays into Cold War Commander but it just didn't take off. So along comes Team Yankee from Battlefront. A number of the Regiment used to playtest for BF back in the day and there has been many a discussion around how well the Flames of War (and its derivatives) would translate into 6mm. So now we have the opportunity. The new Team Yankee range of models are gorgeous but even if we had the cash to purchase whole new armies, down here in our South Seas paradise we can't get hold of any BF product for love nor money - so 6mm it is!
Having most of the models for both an American force and a Soviet force I had not much left, but to build a table.
So I rustled around the bits draw and made some trees and some hedges. I already had enough 6mm buildings and fences (from a second hand purchase Pelarel and I picked up a few years ago) to make 2 small villages, but I needed a centre piece - so I created an airport. I found a great Terminal building from Gamecraft Minis and a club mate provided the rubber packing material I used for the runway.
I found some security fencing to block off the car park and a few pieces of felt later and we have the makings of a cool little table.
The roads are temporary until my order from Hotzmatz arrives to replace them.
Plus I get to show off my new A-10s. Now to actually play a game of TY :)


  1. That table is looking very good, I am keen for a game of TY when we can arrange it!

  2. I love those A-10s they are the bees knees, as well as the excellent runway