Sunday, 13 March 2016

Hungarians everywhere!

My recent focus has been to finish off my regiments for McBeth's birthday Bash. With Them out of the way I could begin to add the polish to my Hungarians for Bolt Action and I thought I would show where I have got to..... so with delay

Hungarians circa 1943-44
As you can see Hungarians have access to plenty of left over German support weapons and can also borrow armour though it can only be regular and it not all the big cats. I have a StUG III all painted up as well just in case I get the opportunity but to honest I am enjoying the Hungarian stuff.

43M Zrinyi II and Nimrod (Yes that is a 105 Howitzer on a Tank) 

Sir and his retinue

German M42 and 80mm Motar

PaK 40 and Heavy Artillery

Now the next event for me is V3 at the end of May, I am dipping my toes into Impetus, or being dragging along by the rest of the Regiment, read into it what you will so I decided to go...... Ottoman Turks which means really I am going Hungarians again yah!

A little bit to do but I am enjoying the challenge!

Just a little bit to do

Azab Archers my most deadly unit (sssshhhh)
Plenty of updates to come, and very much looking forward to McBeth's Birthday Bash at Easter



  1. I love playing those Hungarians Scotty. They look fantastic.

  2. Those Hungarians are looking awesome- how can you not love the Nimrod?