Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Pooch's painting- February

Ignoring the fact that this is so late that it is now halfway through March, I did manage to get some painting done in February.

I spent most of the month painting 15mm Redcoats, some Normans and hiding from my commitment to paint AWI Light Infantry for the big game at easter!

I got so sick of bright colours that I needed a change, and so the only thing which I actually managed to get fully done in February is a platoon of 15mm Vietnam era ANZACs with support options. The miniatures are from Flashpoint Miniatures, and are... ok in terms of quality. Not the best (I prefer the Battlefront ones), but that said, there are some really nice sculpts in the mix too.

I based them up for Force on Force gaming (based on seeing McBeth was keen on some FoF gaming sometime this year), and really only painted them as a way to distract myself from the large amount of red and white which I needed to be painting on the British. It was so satisfying to paint some green instead!

So the ANZAC force is made up of a Platoon HQ, 3 Squads of 10 including an M60 team, an 81mm mortar, a sniper team, a scout dog team and a 4 man SAS patrol (with converted berets!)

The whole ANZAC force

One of the better sculpts- a NCO

A Grenadier with an M79

4 Man SAS patrol

The Scout Dog team
Well, that is it for February, I can promise a whole lot of Red next month!


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