Friday, 11 March 2016

For Mr Bailey: A Muse

We are getting very close to our Easter AWI battle and the painting and basing is cracking on at a good pace.

Mr Bailey, however, is stuck in a rut. Well, really he would be rather painting his new 28mm WW2 minis he has just received for Bolt Action! He needed some inspiration to get back on the horse (and musket) so I took a few snaps of the units I completed last night.

Enjoy, Mr Bailey and use this muse to its fullest extent!


  1. Perfect! Basing to recommence tomorrow. Almost there... :)

  2. Stay on target! *there's too many if 'em* stay on target! ;-)

  3. Big day today, almost done bar the flowers :)

    The force is strong with this one! ;)

    1. top work! we're needing all the nerfed 'merikans we can get.