Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Hussies, Remembering and Infinity

Hi all,


Last week neither Pelarel nor I could make it out to the club, so we decided to play a game of Infinity in Pelarel's basement instead!

We played a 252 point game (because that was all I had) of my Haqqislam against Pelarel's Yu Jing. It was my first game of Infinity V2 and Pelarel had not played many recently so alot of time was spent reading rules. To help, I had McBeth Junior no.2 rolling my dice. As it turned out, his ability to roll exactly what was needed (and therefore scoring a critical hit), turned the game completely in our favour.
The table: Pelarel's Infinity table is coming along nicely

Freedom! Enlightenment! Haqqislam!

Boo. Ninjas.

 The highlights of the game were;

  • My Djanbazan sniper being shot twice, but with two wounds and regeneration, popping back up to shoot and kill the ninja who shot him with his shock rifle,
  • The mook (Ghulam) who, upon spotting a door being opened 24" away and taking an ARO to shoot the said door opener, rolled exactly 5 on the die (the score needed to hit) and with that critical, took out another Asian corporate enforcer, and
  • The showdown between the Martial Arts L5, CC 22 ninja and my Martial Arts L3, CC21 Asawira, where as both had already lost a wound each, the Asawira rolled the exact score of 18 to crit the ninja and finish him off.

In the end, the mighty forces of freedom loving, enlighten Haqqislam triumphed over the evil corporations of Yu Jing.

Hussies and Remembering

When Nick passed last year, our friend Nichole was keen to get a memento from Nicks collection. One of the things she would laugh about was that the Napoleonic wars had units of Hussars, or Hussys, as she called them. Unfortunately all the Hussars Nick had painted were put into a job lot of his Napoleonic French so there were none left over for Nichole.

As I was going through some of Nicks left over stuff in my basement, I found a sprue of the Perry French Hussars and a thought occurred to me - why dont I paint them up and mount them for a display for Nichole. It took me a while to complete the work, but I was really happy to present Nichole with the finished product earlier this week. I hope she enjoys it.

Nicks Hussies
Hussies gonna Huss.


  1. Very good display model there Simon, the black base looks good

  2. Those Hussies look excellent!

    And a good reminder that I need to play Infinity sometime....