Monday, 13 June 2016

Pooch's Painting- May

Ok, so this is super late, and I am not even going to try and make up an excuse.

Instead, I will distract you with pretty pictures, like...

These ones of additions to my Bolt Action German army!

Rubicon StuG G/StuH and a Warlord Marder III

This marder is simply lovely, such a good kit.

Warlord Motorbike and flamethrower team, as well as an Early Panzer III

Just the thing for invading Russia.... Unless you encounter a KV-1!

Initially, I disliked this model when I saw it online. Little did I realize how much I would enjoy painting the flames....

Every German army needs a BMW. This is fact.
So some cool wee additions to my Germans, adding in a few elements to let me do a more early war army, as well as some great late war elements! I think my Germans are more or less done at present, there is nothing I have a burning desire to add (I am sure someone will remind me that I don't have x and I just have to rush out and buy it...)

Sticking with Bolt Action, I have finished the fourth BA army for this year- US Rifles!

The whole horde
Black Tree Miniatures 57mm gun

Bazooka team

The Forward Air Controller showing off his sweet shoulder decal. Next time I think shoulder decals are a good idea, I have instructed my wife to slap me.

A standard issue GI with his standard issue Garand rifle

My sniper team, safely returned from the clutches of Tom's Lt Grohling. Which really means that I left him behind last time Tom and I had a game!

Prone guy with a BAR.

And another GI with Garand, this time showing off his Big Red One unit patch- again another decal.
On to the tanks...

The whole motor pool- Sherman and Stuart you have seen before with the US paras I painted

Rubicon M8 Greyhound- There was something fitting about naming a poxy armoured car after a barbarian...

And the same kit, just with a different top hatch to make and M20.

One of my personal favourite armoured vehicles, the M10 Tank Destroyer!

Same Rubicon kit, but with the M36 Jackson turret on top

Two Warlord Games halftracks, one with a 50, the other with an 81mm Mortar

Close up on the M24 mortar crew
So there it is, BA army number four! Overall, I am really happy with them. I am on the look out for some crew for the M10/Greyhound/Scott, but other than that, I think the army is more or less complete!

Lastly, this month I completed some Warlord Games Special Forces troops for their Project Z game. I decided to build them as a unit of the "Not Russian" Green Men from the Ukraine. Overall, I wasn't that impressed with the kit, but am happy to have them done (you can read more of what I thought here if you are curious).

7 man fireteam with NCO, RPG, RPK and some AKs

Close up on the NCO

One of the riflemen
So that was 7 of the 8 figures, so the final figure I converted to being my take on the Punisher, from the latest run of comics. Who better to do your zombie killing than him?

Anyway, that is it for this month, see you for the half yearly round up in a few weeks!


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  1. Love the work on the US vehicles- gotta love those Rubicon kits, I'm regretting getting Warlord ones