Thursday, 9 June 2016

The end of MKII.......

So on Sunday the new version of the Warmachine rules will drop. The previous version has been in place since 2010 and this new version means to change quite a few basics of the rules.

But be fore it goes far into the night I had one last hurrah with Scott P........

The game was a 50 point surprise, i.e. bring what ever you like. I thought to make it even more of a surprise I would let my 12 year old pick my list. This turned out to be advantageous, not hugely but it did help.

Deployment, Scott P can just see me a way yonder with my high-vis Legion

And for this game a toast was in order!

I got first turn and took advantage of my AD hex hunters to get way up the board. Scott P counters by putting up the meat shield of Boomhowler Trolls

The inevitable charge in and the failure to kill more than one Boomie, with the old tough rules, things will change in Mk III 

My left flank needs to make its way west to be part of the action, thank goodness for pathfinder and eyeless sight on my Scythean

Borka goes all out feats and wipes out my infantry, the Throne and the Helions. The Scythean had gone in and failed to scratch the Glacier King....oh oh

Borka had come out to get me and I went all in on him, even though he has stumbling drunk and Iron Flesh up.
The result  was that it failed leaving me with Bethayne, Belphagor, a shredder and a shepard standing in front of the glacier king.

I popped Bethayne out of her suit and charged Borka for the win it was quite a brutal game quick and messy.

The new rules seem to indicate they will be even more brutal focusing on encouraging big monsters and machines instead of infantry.

I can not wait......



  1. A fun game and much hilarity, especially with my dice rolls when it came to damage rolls.
    I will make sure to stock up on single malt for the MKIII games to come.

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