Sunday, 5 June 2016

Last Levy

Bolt Action time again. I have been painting up a Last Levy list for Bolt Action, mainly because the figures are fantastic. After having said I wouldn't A: Buy more 28mm WWII and B: run an SS unit, I have completely given in the my inner Magpie and bought both the Last Levy box and the Charlemagne box from Warlord.
First up is the Charlemages, and I even manage the tricolour on the sleeve.
Next are the Lt and medic
The next section we have is the Hitler Youth
I like the way they have modelled the clothing way too big on these models. Finally the Volksturm - a mix of old men and other services, the lovely irony of the Fireman throwing the Molotov Cocktail is not lost on me here either.
Even a "round the corner gun" in that last picture.
The whole force went out for a blat against Chris the other day. The Charlemagnes were awesome, the Volksturm and Hitler youth were quite underwhelming, but all in all a fun list to play.


  1. Looks great Tom, like the Hitler youth model with the uniform a few sizes too big.

  2. Great job- love the basing