Monday, 30 May 2016

Photo dump for V3

Scots, fouzands of 'em! Witches! Three of them!
Slightly less Vikings and Scottish / Norman cavalry. MANY Norman cavalries in the background.

Pooch's finger of God. Did not help his infantry who, while superior in motivation and VBU, were completely overwhelmed by the horde o' Scots TM

Normans thinking they have the best of their Northern cousins, the Vikings. Well there hardy Northmen from Orkney and Caithness laugh at the horse botherers. 
Angry Germans on Horses. Lots of them. And angry.
Zealots. Germans. Horses. Flags. White.
Soon to be covered in Scottish blood.

Sad Scottish cavalry wing trampled into the dust by angry zealots.

Scottish cavalry take revenge on light Welshmen and their sheep.

Horde o' Scots v Horde o' Welsh

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