Monday, 2 May 2016

Deepest Darkest....

I have just finished my school holidays and I have spent most of my modelling time knee deep in a really cool terrain project. Colin at Skirmish Sangin asked me to build some African Terrain for a new expansion to Radio Dishdash's Skirmish game called Skirmish Afrika. Here is a link to their blog if you want to find out more about the game here
My centre piece is this jungle bar. This took a while to build but I now have the deck and pillars all straight and solid. A corrugated Iron removable roof is also part of this structure. It is a nice clear space to fight around so I have added some tables for things to hide behind.
I have also created some jungle bases and scatter, some fences, roads and a couple of out buildings.

This has been an extremely enjoyable project and one I hope works well for Skirmish Afrika. As part of what I am doing for Colin, I am also writing a "How Do..." Article, so once published I will link that into this blog.


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