Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Pooch's Painting- April

Despite my lateness (I blame everyone else's Impetus posting), another month has passed us by- we are a third of the way through the year! And as for the projects, well, they are definitely ongoing!

This month, I have finished another Bolt Action force, this time British from Black Tree miniatures. These have been painted for a buddy of mine Colin, and I think he is using them in the game at the weekend...

The whole British force

Bren Gunner

Warlord Bren Gun carrier


NCO with a Sten gun
  Now off to Modern Africa. First we have some mercenaries from Militia Miniatures:

The whole group of mercenaries

All the stereotypes Part 1

All the stereotypes Part 2
But what would mercenaries be without some opponents? These are Modern Africans from Spectre Miniatures. Not my favourite models in this space, their guns are really spindly (which may well be accurate, but fragile), but that said, there are some really dynamic poses in the set.

The whole gang

Looking menacing in bright colours

Blue suit is ready to party....

Consider this a "how to guide" for not hitting anything with your AK

The boss and some more loyal crew
Lastly this month, we have another Wizgang for Frostgrave, this time, it is Rat Men! These are formerly my Mordheim skaven warband, but with the arrival of Frostgrave it gave me the excuse to finally paint them. All I needed to add was the Grey Seer as my wizard, and they were good to go!

The whole Wizgang
The brains- the wizard and his apprentice

The muscle- Rat Ogre

The numbers- 5 giant rats (Warhounds)

Goons #1

Goons #2

Goon Commander
So there you have it, another month gone, more progress against my painting goals for the year. What does May have in store? Well, I do have one BA army left to go....


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  1. Those mercs would be great for the game i'm writing. Gonna go check out Militia miniatures