Thursday, 5 May 2016

One year and a hundred posts!

So this is a little late, but I just realised that this blog has now been running for a year (well a year and a month) and has 100 posts (well, 106 now!).

I, for one, think that's an amazing feat for a bunch of easily distracted gamers who would rather be trying each new game once than actually recording what we do, but we have been quite successful in keeping the posts flowing.

We have had ups and downs this past year, namely losing our good friend Nick Garden back in September. The loss is still fresh in our minds, but not too fresh that we cant still have fun at his expense. Also on the bummer side, Prinny is due to farg off to Ireland in a couple of weeks. We'll miss him and his enabling skills. If it wasn't for Tim, we wouldn't be playing half the games we play at the moment!

On the positive side we have played many, many, many games this past 12-13 months. Impetus, Bolt Action, Black Powder, Infinity, Aurelian, Warmachine, Napoleon at War and Frostgrave to name a few. We have painted, painted and painted. And talked a lot of bullshit. A lot.

I think its pretty cool that we have people that follow this post. We dont play the games for you guys, because we are horribly self centered people, but it is awesome to know that there are others like us out there that love wargaming and board gaming and probably have little or no self control when it comes to buying and playing these games!

Thank you guys!

Some highlights and stats:

Most read post:
Second most:
Third most:
Total pages view: 15,000

Total posts: 106

Onwards for the next year with some upcoming highlights
  • V3 is coming up on the 28th of May. This is our (semi)annual Impetus competition. Should have quite a few players this time.
  • June Bolt Action - Mr Goldstone will be running a one-day comp at the club that we are all keen for.
  • Panzershreck in July! First one without either Tim or Nick so I'll probably drink more (not that I need a reason) and it is Early War so I'm quietly fizzing at the bung for this.

Also, in other news, Scott Bowman (, has started stocking Warlord Games stock in his pharmacy* in Paraparaumu (just up the road from Wellington). He has a licence to stock and order the ranges Warlord Games offers so he best expect a bit of business coming his way from the Regiment! 

*Yes, a pharmacy. Scott was reluctant to confirm if wargames models are allowed to be prescribed for medical reasons. Perhaps we should get some funding from PHARMAC...? 


  1. The June Bolt Action. Where do I go to sign up for that as I would love to get more games under my belt.

  2. We don't have a sign up as such but now we know you're interested we can keep you in the loop. I take it one of s has your email address? If not, go to the hutt club website and drop in your details on the flames of war page it'll get to McBeth then :-)

    1. Yep, been chatting to John and passed on Paul's contact deets to him :)

  3. Thanks so much for the mention :) Hopefully stock arriving this week! Keep on the good work on the blogging front guys!