Friday, 20 May 2016

Prinny Impetus Un-Freeze

Whoops, it has been a long gap between posts......stupid life getting in the way of toy soldiers :-)

I have not been up to much productive painting since my last post, though I have been quite active with my magpie ray-gun, getting the Regiment to play Bolt Action and Impetus.

A happy Prinny

So you would have seen in past posts that I have been working very slowly toward finishing a Feudal English Impetus army, and with V3 next weekend (how did it sneak up like that?) I have finally finished the army of goodness and happiness (not according to Mel Gibson though).

The idea was I wanted an army that was mostly horses, every time up to this army I had meant to do lots of Cav but always ended up getting foot troops.... But not this time, lots of compulsory knights means I get not much in foot. Though you will notice I do have three stands on Longbow and some rubbish spearmen.

It is mostly plastic Fireforge miniatures with some metal foot command, archers, Irish javlinmen and the C-in-C is from Curtly miniatures.

Playtest games so far have proved that I have created a rubbish army, but it looks cool so meh.... though with all of the Scottish and Welsh ancestry in the Regiment they might just be sticking it to the Sasanach.

So time for the pictures....

The Army

Command A

Command B

Command C

Another Picture of Command C

Not Quite Rubbish Spear

The Commanders


More Men-at-Arms

So onto V3 and glory...... or at least a few very fast games :-)

Prinny Out.

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  1. The army is looking simply lovely- well done!

    So very jealous of how well you paint yellow...