Monday, 16 May 2016


An army project two years in the making.

An insane search for a few suitable figures.

A fairly ridiculous number of flags.

This is the idiotic story of my Teutonic Order army for Impetus. Okay, it's not. Because that would actually be me describing how it sat on my desk for a year with me looking at the half complete army and then realising that I needed to get off my chuff and get the thing done. So between a productive Christmas break and a concerted effort where I used all my spare time to paint, this is the end result.

Instead, I'll just post a bunch of pictures.
Livonian Foot

Livonian Horse
There are lots of ranges of Teutonic Order out there in the world but no one makes anything that really leaps out as these Eastern European auxiliaries to the Order. So I've settled on some of Gripping Beasts' Slavic javelinmen and some of their First Crusade Turcopoles. The similar attire and shields worked for me and painted up in some neutral greens and greys, well they seem to work.

The Wedge
Because I'm super fond of these things. The fact that I could never get a list that I liked out of the old DBM Medieval German list always bugged me. All wedges, all the time.  So this list had the option for one so I took it. There is a change base that *should* be done for V3 and so I can always use a single base of German knights in future.
Teutonic Crossbow

Teutonic Spear
The Teutonic foot just looks cool. I love the guy in the front with the two-handed sword. Also, flags.

Teutonic Knechte and Turkopolen

Lance armed CL. Yes please. Crossbow armed CL? Dunno. Never used it before. I am not especially hopeful, lets say that. But it looks cool so who cares?
Teutonic Knights
The centrepiece of the army and the bit that, when I finally put the last coat of white on the last horse barding, I laid out all 15 knights, took a step back (because my painting is pants up close!) and was pleased that I got the look I was aiming for.

Is it perfect? Nope. Is it even a good army? Maybe. Am I happy? Yeah.

Looking forward to getting it on the table at V3 in a couple of weeks!

As for the annual project plan, well, this is the biggest project on it. As for the rest of it, I've finished the Elven wizgang for Frostgrave, I've rebased and completed my 6mm for TY (although I still haven't played a game) and I'm now working on one of the three Warmachine models I was definitely going to buy this year (although the number has gone up with the impending release of Mk III and the announcement of an Avatar of Menoth resculpt because I am so getting me one of those!)

Oh, and I started a bloody Bolt Action army. Bloody Prinny. Him and Dat Ape. The pair of them.


  1. Flags it's all about the flags, and white lots of white, they look really good McZ, and you are correct ...Prinny! (shakes fist in general direction)

  2. Brilliant - it's so cool to see the project finally done - I love them, now to figure out how to beat 'em....