Thursday, 14 July 2016

Becoming a monstrosity.....

Right I have a little project underway for the upcoming Warmachine and Hordes Tournament in Wellington, Lords of Ruin (LoR). This is an annual event run by local Sean which is always a blast. The tournament is on the 10-11 September at the Dowse Art Gallery in Lower Hutt. Now the rules for WM/H have just been through a version change and have reignited my interest in the game. I have always enjoyed it but interest had waned recently. The changes have moved force selection towards wanting big stompy robots and monsters,I needed more.

I have been playing, and you would have seen posted earlier, a faction of malevolent beings called the Cephalyx who use and abuse other creatures turning them into mindless drones through chemical,  medical and psychological experimentation. A great bunch of guys really. For LoR I am going to be taking this faction and wanted to have some new stuff to put on the table unfortunately they have had no new model releases for a while and I was inspired by a conversion I had seen elsewhere.

I am going to take a couple of models from other factions and turn them to my servants. The beauty of the heavy kits from which I have built my Cephalyx army is there are always plenty of bits to use when you find a purpose.

So I am taking a a Troll Heavy and a Circle of Orboros Heavy and 'modifying' them to suit my needs.

Heavy kits
The standard Cephalyx heavies I will be turning my friends into are the Wrecker and the Warden

One of my my original Wreckers

My original Warden
I started with the Troll multi heavy kit and an old Circle satyr

Cephalyx box and parts from the heavy kits

First step build up with what I had including bits from the old Cephalyx box, The Head and arms were easy exchanges.

Satyr Warden pre-piping

I melded the Troll head with the Cephalyx one, its very Robocop I think.

Troll Wrecker pre-piping

Then The addition of piping and wiring I am pretty happy so far.....

Satyr Warden

Satyr Warden piping

Troll Wrecker piping

Troll Wrecker , Robocop face.
 Now it is time for paint, I will put up my results, if I am happy with them.



  1. Nice Work Scott, I hope to be facing the pair of them before too long.

  2. These are super sweet Scott, brilliant concept for a conversion. I may have to dabble with this myself :)