Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Pooch's painting- June

Well, with a flash, we are now past half the year gone!

And the year of painting continues, and like all good magpies, this one is a series of random projects finished.

The last magpie gift that Prinny left us with before he headed off to the Emerald Isle was L'art de la guerre, a set of wargaming rules which he promised us would be an enjoyable set of rules! He and McZ had a game of it, and enjoyed it, so what else was there to do but to go ahead and make an army for a game I have never played!

Luckily for me, I had a random assortment of 15mm renaissance figures. Originally, these were owned by McZ, who used them as a Burgundian DB-something army, who then passed them on to Prinny to turn into a 15mm Impetus Army. And then Prinny passed the left over units on to me- the magpie wheel in action!

Net result, I had a full French Ordonnance army, with Swiss allies. That said, I did have to order a few packs from Essex to round out the army, but I did manage to get basically the entire French list, to give me all the options when selecting a force.

After applying paint in my usual style, I am really happy with the net result!

The whole 300 points (ish) army- plenty of choice for when I play a "standard" 200 point game!

The camp- not a bad sculpting attempt to do the tent, and a few guards and a wagon

The Swiss formation. Three Pike, 2 Light Crossbow and a Halberdier unit

The Swiss General. Black Armour? Check. Bear holding the paybox? Check. Swiss Flag? Check


The light cavalry- two units of Mounted Crossbow, and a single base of light cavalry

The blue and white infantry. Archers, Halberdiers, Light Infantry and Crossbowmen

The green and yellow infantry. Archers, Halberdiers and Light Infantry
Two bases of foot knights

Five bases of Heavy French Knights. Because smashy.

The Knight General

The Army Commander- He is French, hence the cock on his flag. It is just convenient that it also reflects his personality.

Team Yankee is starting to pick up around here, and looking at my collection of 6mm Soviets, I realized I had a fair few grade 2 WARPAC units from CinC (I think?). Which sadly aren't in the TY game (yet?). But they are in the Arab/Israeli Fate of a Nation rules, an earlier Battlefront release. I thought, why not paint up this grade 2 kit to be an Egyptian army, then convert that game to be in line with Team Yankee!
Genius right?

Well, sortof. The idea is a good one, but the Arab/Israeli lists are not really that good, and I wouldn't go running off with the concept that they are balanced, and I wouldn't feel it enjoyable to play the game as written. But, I did still paint some of the kit up in Egyptian colours!

Not really a horde...



Lastly for this month, is something which has been sitting on my painting table since the start of the year, German and British aircraft in 1/600 from Tumbling Dice. Why have these taken so long? Well, I never quite stumped up the guts to do the decals on the aircraft (turns out they were really easy).

No clue which ruleset I will use for them, perhaps I will write my own? Regardless, they look cool!

The dastardly Germans- 4 ME109, 2 ME110 and 3 Dornier bombers

The ME109 in all it's glory

The brave British- 3 Hurricanes, 3 Spitfires
Bag the hun!

That's me for now, a whole half year done! It has been a wide variety of stuff, Bolt Action, Team Yankee, random moderns, multiple scales and time periods.

And the next 6 months promises to be no different, there will be Flames of War, Napoleonics, more Team Yankee, more random moderns, and whatever else ends up on my painting table during that time!


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