Saturday, 30 July 2016

Pooch's painting: July!

Well, another month gone. Seven gone in fact, this year is going by so fast that it is getting ridiculous...

Anyway, painting. I am working on a number of "big" projects which are nearing completion, so it was only my teensy tiny (and weirdly successful) Panzer Shrek army which I completed this month.

All models from Zvezda (Panzer IIs and Stuka) or Plastic Soldier Company (Panzer IIIs).

Truly a fearsome force

CO's tank

One of the Panzer IIs

And the Stuka.

You can read about their exploits on Craig's excellent blog (linky link), so I will just throw in a few of the random pictures of game one before I got too distracted to take any more...

Panzer IIs

Panzer IIIs

Destroyed enemy tanks!

Green tokens are bogged, red token is bailed. Dice are a heartless bitch.

Right, quiet month this month, will try to finish much more for next month!


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