Sunday, 24 July 2016

Full Steam ahead!!

Nope, I've not succumbed to steam age naval warfare, Full Steam is the name of the release event for Privateer Press' third edition of their Warmachine and Hordes rule sets. For anyone out there not familiar with Warmachine or Hordes (Warmahordes from now on) it's a blend of Steam punk and classic fantasy with armies led by a powerful warcaster or warlock controlling steam powered robots or ravenous beasts.. and some mooks to get squished :) seriously, check out for a nosey, it's a tight rules set with some really nice sculpts (some pretty dubious ones too but hey :))

The Full Steam event was more casual than the usual Warmahordes tournament, 2 hour games, one army list and no turn timers - pretty damn relaxed.

10 players turned up and we got underway

we played out three rounds and I even managed to get a game in when Mike T turned up in the afternoon for a look see - damn those pigs are scary! (check out the farrow minions models on the PP site.. go on!)

There were three prizes for the day -

Marshall - most scenario points
Artisan - best painted battlegroup
Iron Valour - best sport

Artisan and Iron Valour are peer voted awards which is a nice departure from the usual "best of faction" awards at the book release events. PP are starting to acknowledge the "soft" scores through extra awards which is great, though tournaments are still won by winning games :)

Points were scored 2 for a scenario win, 1 for an assassination win (kill your opponents Warcaster/Warlock). Additionally there were a number of one off awards to get through the day as well, such as playing a fully painted army, win a game whilst destroying 50pts or more of models, win a game in under 25 minutes and so on.

At the end of the day, the final tables looked something like this:

Player                    Faction                       Points
Mike            Protectorate of Menoth        21 pts (Marshall)
Chris P        Legion of Everblight            15 pts
Kane                     Cryx                              8 pts
Mitch                  Cygnar                            8pts
Scott            Mercenaries (Cephalyx)        8pts (Artisan)
Jaime                   Khador                           7pts
Chris F        Retribution of Scyrah             6pts
Bob                      Cygnar                           5pts
Thomas                Cygnar                           2pts
Dutton                 Skorne                            0pts (Iron Valour)

Big props to Dutton, not only his first event but plays a Skorne all beast 75pt list and gets the Iron Valour award - well done! :)

and now for some eye candy

 Mike's all conquering Severious 1 battlegroup of DOOOOOMMMMMM!!! 
 Thomas' Cygnar electroleapin' army
 Jaime's Butcher led Khador 
 Mitch's boys in blue
 Chris P's winged horrors
 Scott's monstrosity horde! with 3 models converted from hordes heavy beasts
 oh, and these little dudes hiding off to one side.. probably not wanting to be stepped on..
 Kane's shambling undead horrors with his invisible Kraken
 *sigh* yes, more Cygnar, Bob's this time ;)
 Chris F's angry, angry elves
 Dutton's Skorne army, yup, that's the whole army!
 mitch and scott smash into each other mid table
 "but they have wings sir!! and pointy teeth!!!!" *squelch*
 "Git orf moi land you round eared gits!"
 "If you'll just put your warlock right about there that would be awfully good"
 "Titan steaks for dinner lads!"
 the finger of god almost obscures Mike's battlegroup tangling with Bob's
"AAARRRGGGHHH!!! A SPIDER!!" oh no, sorry it's your warjack..

hopefully my next blog post will involve me actually playing a game! I was eying up McBeth's great game of Frostgrave a couple of tables over.......

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