Wednesday, 7 December 2016

For the first game of Gamesmas Modiphius gave to me....

the Infinity RPG! 

For our first game of Gamesmas this year, we bring you the soon-to-be published Infinity RPG from Modiphius and Corvus Belli. Pelarel has backed the Kickstarter and since we definitely enjoyed our last outing (especially Tank and his flame-thrower!), this latest canned mini-adventure was too much to pass up. 

I feel like maybe at this point I should say, if you are on the Kickstarter and haven't played this yet, spoilers! 

Dramatis Personae

Pelarel as the Evil Bonespurs
Scotty as the Nomad Reverend Moira
Tank as the Yu-Jing Bosozuko
McBeth as the Haqqislam Assassin Fiday
McZermof as the Pan Oceania Father Knight of Santiago
Pooch as the Ariadna Dog Warrior


Investigating the death of a famous Arista on one of the Galactic Circulars, the O12 agents have tracked a gang dealing in a Silk derivative back to their starship having shaken down one of their dealers and made more than a few Circular travellers more than a little uncomfortable, especially that guy in the Tiki Bar. 

<Enter cast>

We rejoin our intrepid band of O12 agents as they sneak their way up the docking umbilical toward the cargo ship crewed by the evil, drug dealing Bonespurs. 
Our Bosozuko used his excellent palm implant to disable the security system, our Moira confirmed that there was nothing to worry about so the Assassin Fiday confidently broke open the door to the star ship. This is about where we learned that Tank and Scotty both rolled....not so well as an automatic sentry gun (the drone you can see in the distance) opened up on our lightest of light troopers. Some spectacular John Woo-style action from the Bosozuko shredded the sentry gun but not before giving both of them a bit to worry about.  

We paused briefly in the hub of the star ship to bring forward the wall of meat and armour (viz the Father Knight and the Dog Warrior) and after some clever hacking by the Moira to give us a sense of who was on the ship and where they were (they were carefully counted by the Father Knight), we cracked on. 

The two Bonespurs guarding the armoury went down in a hail of Combirifle and Chain Colt (woot!) fire and the two in the Ready Room on the top deck were pink-misted by the Dog and the Knight. We bounced into the cargo hold in zero G to deal to the last of the Bonespurs.  

This is the point where the O12 team started to fully understand how the Momentum system works and the pink misting got....even worse as the Hassassin's Graze Blade delivered a ludicrous amount of damage to one o the poor Bonespur mooks. In the last cargo pod we found the drugs lab and the Moira turned off the gravity in the lab since that seemed like it'd be funny. She attempted to turn it back on but without much success.

The Dog Warrior and the Father Knight introduced the Bonespur guards to Teseum blades (yep. Pink mist.) while the Hassassin and Bosozuko used their crafty stun weapons to capture the Haqqislam Heisenberg who was making the Nitrocaine substance before we delivered him to the onboard security and posed for Maya pictures.

<Roll credits> 

So Infinity RPG is still cool. We'd done a really good job giving the GM loads of heat in our last session and as a result, we copped it pretty badly in the start of this game. Once we got the basics of the Momentum mechanic down though, the tables were evened pretty smartly. We all agreed that our playing with the online character builder was getting us characters that worked better than the ones that were created for the scenario and we're definitely looking forward to getting properly stuck into 

So welcome to Gamesmas 2016. This year the Regiment will be playing:
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Flames of War
  • Bolt Action
  • Frostgrave
  • And some other things yet to be revealed......! 

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  1. Great write up - thanks Al. I am really enjoying the Infinity RPG - can't wait to get my teeth into the finished product!!