Sunday, 11 December 2016

Remember December 2016

A while back, the Regiment team received a very special package from Mavis and Phil Garden. Nick's parents had sent us a lovely silver memorial trophy that they wanted to donate to the club and use for something that they could have as a representation of Nick.

It took us a while to think of a suitable event or similar that we could use the trophy for as we had already had one made for the World War Two competition for ValleyCon. Inspiration struck though, and I came up with the idea of having a themed, one day Flames of War competition.

The day was held on the last meeting of the club year and we called it 'Remember December'. It was also decided that we would do this each year, but the game played could change. This year was a 1000 point Mid War competition themed for Italy 1943. Everyone was creating their lists with the rule 'Be Like Nick. Don't Be A Dick'. With that in mind, most lists were not dicky. Some, however, took Tigers. :P

We had a great turn out for the day with 18 players and we were fortunate enough to have an even split of Axis and Allies meaning that all three rounds did not have any blue on blue matches. At the end of the 3 rounds, Mr Bailey had come out as the clear winner (even if he did have a Tiger and therefore was a dick) with three wins and the maximum 3000 points for the point break. Scoring was 3 points for a win, 0 for a loss and an accumulation of points values of enemy platoons destroyed.

Win Score Points Score Place
Bede Bailey 9 3000 1
Che Tibby 9 1940 2
Tom Leamy 6 2000 3
Damien Tyson 6 1825 4
Chris Pooch 6 1800 5
Simon McBeth 6 1687 6
John Fletcher 6 1420 7
Mark Stanton 6 1390 8
Warren Hart 6 1215 9
Scott Avery 3 1620 10
Bob Pearce 3 870 11
Andrew Sheppard 3 705 12
Alex McEwen 3 285 13
Tony Bates 3 250 14
Jamie Steer 3 205 15
Russell Briant 3 0 16
Richard Steer 0 415 17
Chris Otton 0 270 18

Three Highlights for me:

My first game against Shep. I had first turn, ambushed with my Shermans and killed Sheps only platoon on table (we were both two platoon tank companies) forcing him to take and fail a Company Morale test at the start of his turn one!

Post action. 6 Shermans lit up three PzIII's with stabilised fire. 
Shep (hands on hips) contemplates what a game looks like when it goes longer than half a turn!

Highlight number two: Jamie Steer's excellent smoke trails for his Nebelwerfers

As they say in German 'Woosh'.
Highlight number three. Shep's destruction of one table in spectacular, and fortunately non damaging, fashion

 All in all it was a great day and I thank those that helped set it up. Next year we'll do it again!


  1. Great day, thanks for organising it. Just wondering if you could post stats about how many of each type of list was present?

    1. A quick count:

      9 Axis: 7 Infantry, 1 Italian Infantry, 1 Panzer
      9 Allied: 3 US Rifles, 1 US armour, 4 British inf, 1 whole army of STAGHOUNDS!

  2. Yoy needed to point out it was not even Sheps table that he managed to lay down!

  3. Classic Shep mayhem! , and a good days gaming

  4. I am sorry I missed this event... just out of curiosity how many people staghounds? ☺

  5. The Tiger was a beast, killing a total of one 25pdr, one Staghound and one Sherman over three games...a total of about 180 points out of my total of 3000! Full credit must go to my Grenadier platoons who scored most of the points by far - even if I am a bit of a dick :) The best part is knowing Nick will be remembered fondly every day in the Bailey house for the next 12 months as the cup will be proudly displayed in the living room.

    1. 17pdrs were the same, barely fired a shot but went down in every game. like they say, first day in the yard smack the biggest guy in the face. :/

    2. Its not what the Tiger does, it is what the Tiger stops your opponent doing!

    3. To be fair - when I played Mr Ps Tiger it devastated my army.

  6. Maybe it proves that the oft-quoted American pearl 'you can just ignore the Tiger' is bullocks!