Wednesday, 14 December 2016

For the third game of Gamesmas, Slugfest Games gave to me...

...Red Dragon Inn.

Twas a quiet night for mid-week nerdery for the Magpies with many of the magpies off doing, well, all sorts of stuff that was apparently more fun that sitting around talking BS in a dining room of a weeknight.

And so it was, that after reliving some of the glories of our Flames of War games last weekend, drinking some coffee and a wee Abelour 12, we settled on a silly game of Red Dragon Inn. This delightful little game revolves around our party of fearless adventurers, sitting around in the pub after a hard day's dungeoneering dividing up the loot. And getting pissed. And the person still standing after the party is smashed wins all the gold.

The first round was a glorious victory for Pelarel, as he played Fiona the Volatile. Fiona was fortunate she was wearing so much armour as she was frequently and unpleasantly accosted by Scotty's Fleck the Bard who was trying very hard to, well, it's hard to know but at one point his lute was nearly put somewhere quite unpleasant. Suffice to say that Zot the Wizard (and Pooky, the Beast of Caerbannog!) and Eve the Illusionist kind of wizarded each other out of the game on the sidelines!

In our second round, Gerki the sneak, ably played by Tank Engine tried very hard to relieve the party of all their funds through various nefarious gambles, but Deirdre the Priestess and Dimli the Dwarf plied him with drink while Gog the Half-orge frequently sat on him, in between dishing out group hugs and crushing Deirdre's tiny feet with his so-called dancing. In the end, it came down to Gog's desperate attempts to resist Dimli's ability to drink him under the table as an unhurt Gog was finally felled by alcohol alone!
Drinking the Inn dry! 

If you've not played Red Dragon Inn, it's a great little game that plays well for anywhere up to about six players. It can play with more but it can get a bit unwieldy - although when it does kick off, boy oh boy do those drinking contests end badly for a lot of people! There are lots of fun interactions as players try to steal, cheat and inebriate their fellow adventurers - it definitely doesn't pay to get too far ahead, that's for sure!

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  1. Seriously good game this - although how come I always end up under the table first??