Friday, 23 December 2016

For the fourth game of Gamesmas we played....

One Page Kill Team (or OPKT for short)!

I, like many of the Regiment played a lot of GW games in the past, but due to a variety of factors we have all stopped playing them in favour of the myriad of historical, fantasy and sci fi games we currently play.

And of course that list is ever expanding, but, never quite extends back into GW products.

For McZ and I, we both had a lot of old GW products, especially Space Marines lying around. So when he found the glorious One Page Kill Team rules on the internet (they are here), we both decided that for our silly Christmas project, we would paint up some Space Marines and play some OPKT!

I chose Loyalists, and since we were doing this for nostalgia's sake, I decided to paint them as Ultramarines. McZ, being the evil character that he is, went with Chaos Space Marines! Since we were painting only a few models, we both decided to challenge ourselves a bit with the painting- McZ decided on Slanneshi marines, so got to paint glorious pink, whereas I decided to remove one of my usual painting steps- ink washes- and instead paint the marines using highlights alone.

We were both really happy with how the forces ended up, and I am sure we will do a better series of photos on them soon.

I say soon, because lets get back to the matter at hand- Games!

So OPKT. What can I say about it? Well. It is simple, fast, bloody and effective. You can easily use your toys and play games, in fact we played probably 4 or 5 games within an hour and a half! And that included a "big game" at the end.

My Ultra-smurfs take up positions ready to engage the enemy

The enemy has a motorbike!

Scout with heavy bolter. Looking awesome.

Chaos lord vs Sergeant. Surprisingly, Sergeant won!

Assault marine looking awesome. He then got shot by a noise marine, fell off the tower and died. HA.

Suprise- daemonette! The scout promptly turned around and turned her into pink-ish mist with the heavy bolter

This was my Big Game force, 250 points of Smurfs, including a Space Wizard!

The Chaos 250 points, including a big bad terminator with an autocannon!

This is the terminator. Not pictured is the remnants of my army in little pieces after the terminator annihilated them.

And this is a chaos marine, looking good.
So there you have it, check out OPKT- it is a simple, effective game!


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