Saturday, 31 December 2016

On the fifth day of Gamesmas the silly season gave unto me..


The silly game, well not silly per se, more a game we treat with all silliness. The mechanics of this great little game lend it towards quick, bloody and brutal game play and that is something we like.

December 31 is my birthday, so as a treat, most of the other Regimenteers came around and we had a BBQ and a campaign day for Frostgrave. As you will see from the tables, it was more Thawgrave.

Pelarel, Pooch, McZermof, Scotty and Jr, Tibby and McBeth the younger all turned up and cracked into three games of drinking, dice rolling and mayhem.

The 12' table with four 3'x3' playing surfaces.

This camp bear turned up behind the lines and sashayed through the battlefield murdering mooks a couple of times

Wandering monsters were a bane of my games. 

Pooch and McBeth the Younger
A great day was had by all and lots of meat was consumed! Pity Tank Engine missed this one ....

Happy New Year!


  1. Silly fun, and I think of may worse labels for a game than that!

    1. Agreed! We really like this game and I think most guys have at least two wizgangs. We're looking forward to the piratey version coming out soon :)