Saturday, 14 January 2017

On the ninth day of Gamesmas....

A game of "In her Majesty's name!"

This little skirmish game is plenty of fun and Four of us rolled up to the Hutt Club on Saturday. McBeth, McZermof, Pooch and I (ably assisted by McBeth junior) rolled out steampunk bands to capture the treasure! A small team of steam punk crews from various lands, times, technology or mystical background. We had Cowboys, Vampires, Mexicans and French Dragoons!

Treasure across the centre of the board
McZermof's Mexicans lead by El Zorro
Scott and McBeth junior's High Sierra Gang
Pooch's French Dragoons
McBeth's Vampires

These bands are lead by a glorious hero who can dominate the table......... The rest of the gang try and help out working together to take down the enemy.

Game Highlights
Cowboys start to go the Dragoons
Revenge for the dog's untimely demise

Though one sneaky Cowboy made off with the treasure, before the dragoons could grab it

The Mexicans did the same on the right

A vampire mook rolls well and takes down Catherine Zeta-Jones

El Zorro takes revenge cutting a swath through the Vampires
The left overs of the Sierra Gang survive a mesmerise from the Vampire as they chase the last treasure
Though they took revenge sniping out the Vampire and El Zorro as they also sought the treasure
And then the Dragoons cleaned up what was left, it was a blood bath!
Dragoons slice up the remaining Mexicans as the Mexican priest runs off with the loot.
The Mexicans won in the end with two treasures as the Dragoons won the field but did not get any treasure at all.



  1. I think the cowboys have a very good right to claim victory- killing the vampire AND Zorro in one turn!

    Mexicans won because they actually knew why they were there (objectives)....

    And the vampires? Well...