Thursday, 19 January 2017

The tenth day of Gamemas.....

To finish off a club day what better than a game of X-Wing. We weren't playing a traditional game we decided that we each had 40 points to spend and we could play with whatever we wanted....

The outside of the Death Star was littered with with guns and towers, as we battled our across the surface.

Pooch took a Tie advanced piloted by Darth Vader 
I took a B-Wing piloted by Isenbar
McZermof grabbed a Slave 1 with Scum and Villany pilot

McBeth grabbed an X-Wing piloted by Wedge with R2-D2
McBeth junior grabbed an A-Wing

We chased each other around the surface,firing missiles and trying to dodge the surface obstacles.  Now as McZermof found out the Slave 1 is quite large and the turning circle on the bus was not that small. After a few touch parking attempts he figured out that being able to shoot forward and backward meant he did not have to turn at all.

We all managed to get a kill though once Slave 1 had found the clutch he was starting to dominate the table. It was at this point we were interrupted by a fire alarm and this interrupted the taking of photos.... sigh

It is a great beer and pretzels game loads of hilarious action and bold attacks, as well as the opportunity to crash and burn!