Friday, 6 January 2017

On the seventh game of gamesmas...

We played Homeland!

It has a box and everything!
I picked up this game a while back and to kick off our weekly gaming for the new year, it was a great choice to start!

The game is basically all about countering the terrorist threats in kind of a "whack-a-mole" way, until either enough threats have been neutralised, or enough bad things have happened.

The above description totally understates the rules, which are quite simple, and yet the interactions give a lot of complexity (and enjoyment). While we didn't quite get the rules spot on, it is going to be well worth another play.

Needless to say, inter-agency cooperation was low among players and the terrorists made an absolute mockery of our collective efforts....

This is early in the game. I can tell because the entire board isn't covered in terrorist plots....
And now, back to painting... for the next Gamesmas game!


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  1. I am shocked that you lot could not work together for a common cause... shocked I say.