Tuesday, 3 January 2017

For the Sixth game of Gamesmas we played...


As both Mr Tibby and I quite enjoy Impetus and are both interested in the battles and wars of the 17th Century AND we also both have a collection of semi painted and based figures, we thought we'd have a go at this new offering from Dadi e Piombo; Impetus for the period 1550 - 1700.

While we were playing we also posed for some paintings just to set the scene.

The rules are similar to Impetus, but have been modified heavily to suit the different style of battle that this period has. The units are based on larger 18cm wide bases (generally three 60mmx60mm) and that is good to show the newer troops like the Pike and Musket blocks. Morale is different as well with VD lost needing to equal the command VD value before units test to run away from that command. A unit may be withdrawn (on a test) to save VD lost rather than be penalised more for having a unit eliminated completely.

Tibby brought out his Swedes and my Royalists had a run. The result was very close with the King and Royalists breaking just before the Swedes did. In fact the Swedes only stayed in the fight as long as they did as Tibby had brought the 'Camp Prostitutes' upgrade to give his army +2 VD!   

Cannons are still as useless in Baroque as they are in Impetus :(

Cavaliers and Cornish Pike and Musket advance!

Swedes, sah! Fousands of 'em! And Germans. And Finns.

The Royalists have the hill, but that right flank does not stay there for very long under the carocoles of the Swedish Reiters and Trotters.

The Royal Bodyguard and Cavaliers counter-charged the Swedish horse and blew the enemy brigade off the table before succumbing to a heavy fire from Swedish dragoons.
All-in-all the rules are interesting and worth another look see in the near future!

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