Saturday, 15 April 2017

A little bit FlamesofWarrery

It's been a long time between posts. I've been busy about the place though. If you haven't had a look at McBeth's post or Pooch's post about the excellent work being done by Ollie at Battlekiwi ( then you should. I've also been doing some work on an Infinity table with Ollie's amazing terrain. I'll pop some piccies up of the board when I'm done with it. Here's a teaser tho:

Note sweet sweet matching base!

This post is a bit of a painting update. Something else I haven't done in fricking ages. With the release of V4 for Flames of War I think a bit of interest has been rekindled amongst the magpies and I have booked in my second serious game of V4 with Richard (and his musings) later in the month.

Some StuGs. Not all of them though. 
Big gun.
Bigger gun. 
Motorcycle scouts. Note absent motorcycles.
As a break from painting, I thought I might make up some cards for this game as well. These are a bit experimental and there's a bit of work to be done. I'm quite enjoying learning to use GIMP for the photo editing and making up some cool things to help my gaming:

I've promised Richard a set for the game too so I'll take some pics when we play it next weekend and you'll get to see what happens when I try not working solely in greyscale.

Next up from me? My Ikko Ikki (ish) for Test of Honour. I've painted all the cool stuff (that is, the warrior monk and the Samuari) so I just have to sort myself out and paint the peasants!

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