Sunday, 2 April 2017

Review: BattleKiwi Part 2: La Belle Alliance

So as McB said in his post, we are all basically hooked on BattleKiwi products. Being the magpie that I am, I am no different.

When BattleKiwi posted up about creating a 28mm MDF version of La Belle Alliance, my first response was naturally "can I have it in 15mm?"

And, sure enough, this pile of MDF arrived with my latest base order....

Many, many pieces of cut MDF
So after having the last few weeks' modelling time only spent on writing, it was a nice change for the weekend to sit down and build some things, and La Belle Alliance was first on the list!

How did it shape up? Well, this is the real one...

And this is BattleKiwi's offering:

Old Guard added for effect

And the roof comes off!
How do I rate it then?
  • BattleKiwi uses coloured MDF which is masked for cutting. This means that you can have a whole white wall (the coloured) with the bricks and windowsills in brown (the masking tape). This gives a really good effect, for not having to pick up a paint brush!
  • Assembly was easy, my approach is to always dryfit stuff, then glue using Super Glue. This kit was no different, and it went together in only a few minutes (once I had figured out where all the pieces went!)
  • Detail. Being a scaled down 28mm kit, there are some very detailed pieces here- especially the window shutters. These are seperate pieces, and can be modelled open or closed (I did a mix as you can see). While fiddly, they look awesome! If you aren't so keen on the fiddly detailing, you could easily leave them off.
The 15mm kit hasn't reached the BattleKiwi site yet, but I have high hopes for some more kits like it!


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