Saturday, 15 April 2017

I have a confession to make......

My Magpieism has gone beyond it's usual crazy. I was lucky enough to sell a whole lot of FoW German Tanks to Richard at ValleyCon, which left me with a dilemma. Just what could I spend my money on? Mmmmmmm..... there has been a game I have longed for for quite a while - The Chicago Way by Great Escape Games. I absolutely love the prohibition era of US history - especially the gangster movies, with Tommy guns and Concrete shoes. So I took the plunge. Now I haven't discussed this with any of the other members of the Regiment (hence the confession) and a few years ago when The Chicago Way first hit the scene, it was greeted with a luke warm reception from a couple of the people around the club. But I have forged ahead anyway.
The game itself is quite similar to another Great Escape Game that I dearly love - Dead Man's Hand. I am yet to have a game against another opponent but the few dry runs I have done include that same wonderful randomness of Dead Man, with Vehicles added into the mix - so you can do drive by's of course. The first box set I got was the Moonshiners - what a great feel the gang has. The sculpts are terrific and the models painted up really well.
Then I couldn't resist the Law. Firstly I added the Police - and again I am really pleased with the figures. Soon after Dat Ape vouchers from ValleyCon got spent on the Detective Squad - enter Elliot Ness :)
The Regiment RPGers have started a Cthulhu Campaign set in the 1920's and I couldn't resist getting a character for that from Copplestone - it makes a good Gangster crew too.
I have long been collecting a city scape set of terrain for various games - so that has allowed me to create a really cool board to play on too.
The cars are a collection of toys and other vehicles I have purchased over the years. So there it is - my confession. Now to see if I can convince any of the other magpies to play a game with me :)


  1. Your miniatures look great Tom, especially the Law figures, those building and cars look very good too - could easily use for multiple of games