Saturday, 29 April 2017

Ikko Ikki for Test of Honour

When Warlord announced Test of Honour, many of us magpies said "but I've got some Japanese" after our short lived expedition into the world of Osprey's Ronin series. I know Pooch is working on some and Tank has plenty at home (the Perry models shown here are formerly his!) and Scotty and Pelarel have a bunch waiting to be done. Magpieism's a killer.

So here are mine:
Masahiro, the Warrior Monk, and his companions - the wise and dedicated Samurai.
The Sergeant and Ikko Ikki Flag bearer
The Loyal Spearmen
The Loyal Teppo

One Ronin Thug in sweet, sweet hat
The characters and the Ronin come from the Zenit Miniatures Kensei range and they are really cool. If I decide I need to expand this army, I'll be picking up some of their Sohei with yari and Sohei with yumi - possibly even mounted!

And now to actually play it. I have no idea if Masahiro, the Warrior Monk (who appears to be some sort of special character) is any good but I also don't care because that model is sweet! I have a Geisha model from Zenit that's  currently doing duty as an HVT in Infinity but she might come back to the future for Test of Honour. Who knows?

And now all I have to do is hope we don't get overhauled with enthusiasm for the retro-excitement that is Shadow War Armageddon....

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