Saturday, 1 February 2020

Last Chance for Last Chancers!

And with no small amount of effort, I managed to paint a thing!
Demolition Man and Grease Monkey

Animal and Brains

Ox and Heavy Bolter

Colonel Shaeffer himself

The 13th Penal Legion 'Last Chancers' 

And a goal from the list of goals! I have added something to my Imperial Guard army in January. Well done me. I think I'd love to give these guys an outing in Kill Team as well, less Rocket Girl and Ox, since Guard are not allowed heavy weapons for reasons.

I really would love to see these guys make it to actual 8th Edition as they would be hilariously fun to play. But I'll get them out at some stage for the lolz of it with the mad Catachan plan.

Next Time
I've stripped off the paint from some really nice cars that are getting made up for Gaslands so maybe those. If I can get them done, it might be time for a test game and I'd love to blog that here. I'm also working on Month 2 of the Stupid so expect that at some stage. Given that this time it's World Eaters in their Heresy livery - I only wanted one giant blob of red in my 6mm army - they're probably going to take a bit longer...

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