Saturday, 25 July 2020

Games AND Painting?!

We played a couple of games at the club on Tank Engine's finished TT Combat Underhive table. I didn't really track the game but wanted to show off his amazing work. It's a great table with lots of strange shapes and corners that gives that really messy underhive vibe that Necromunda evokes.

Cawdor Oversight Committee (i.e. long rifle...)

The Headsman taunts the local Enforcers

A Cawdor ganger advances, oblivious to the Delaque below

It was a lot of fun despite spending a lot of time looking up rules to make sure we got them right. Necromunda offers, at least for me, a level of detail in a skirmish game that I really like. A little bit more than 40K but a whole lot less than Infinity, without the commensurate complexity.

Scotty has a campaign up his sleeve for some time in the foreseeable future. It looks exceedingly promising.

I've been bitten by the 15mm bug again and decided to replace or redo my Grenadier army to match the Winter / Spring styling of my 653 Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung. While the actual infantry wings it's way to me from Battlefront, I've started on some other things! 

 The 15cm SiG33 is basically my favourite unit and I've owned these since I started playing FoW back in....oh dearie me...the early 2000s? They're not quite finished since the snow isn't dry yet but hey, still counts.

I've also done up a platoon of Mark IVs from PSC. They're pretty nice models although I still hate models with schurzen. The whitewash is Tamiya white weathering powder and I love the way it works with the Winter / Spring look of the army by being really patchy and streaky over the Middlestone base.

I had hoped this would mesh really well with my 653 but it won't. Apparently my style of painting Middlestone has changed A LOT since I painted those Ferdinands so they'll probably need a repaint at some point to match. I might just be able to wash off the white and change the top layer of paint to match!

Next Time
More finished Winter Germans I think. I've got some Nebelwerfers and PaK40s that need their crew doing but painting 15mm is pretty straight forward these days! 

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