Saturday, 4 July 2020

Pooch's June update!

 Wait, is this actually me almost getting back to the schedule that I aimed for at the start of the year?

Don't count on it, it could just be a fluke.....

1. Paint a Kings of War Army- FINISHED
I posted this earlier in the week!

2. Create a table of terrain to support a game- In progress!
I've made a start with this one. I got a bunch of the buildings for Adeptus Titanicus on the cheap from our local trade website, so have more than enough for an Apocalypse sized table of terrain. I found some 3d print files for some Manufactorum-like buildings too, so they will be added to the mix too!

This is all of the ones I have finished so far....
To give a sense of scale with a Leman Russ
Stormtroopers hold the building!
I've got a bunch more of the buildings left to make, so I am going to have to think of some funky ways to assemble them so I have lots of variety. I also have some other ideas for more cool pieces to add some things to the table that aren't just "oh look a building", so watch this space too.

3. Complete the 6mm Apocalypse Challenge- In progress!
So over the past two months I made a bunch of progress with my 6mm Imperial Guard:

Tanks, infantry, deathstrike missiles, all of the fun things!
And you know how that local trading group got me a good deal on some Titanicus terrain? Well it also got me a good deal on some knights, which I added two 3d printed Armigers to....

House Mortimer. Because purple and yellow is ideal.
GW made some AWESOME decals for these.

And they also had a VERY good deal on two Warhound Scout Titans....

I painted them up as the loyalist Legio Astorum, the Warprunners. I had a blast making the diorama bases too, one has a stormtrooper squad assaulting a Chaos held bunker, the other has the warhound striding over the wrecked Valkyrie

Two warhounds, Ignis Canis and Canis Astra
Another view
Scale shot of the different walkers. Sentinel, Armiger, Questoris, Warhound
And just to give a sense of scale for the terrain too, two story buildings hide Warhounds!
Ok, so this one has gotten slightly out of hand.

Next month will be a couple of super heavies I think to round out a detachment with the Baneblade.

4. Run a narrative campaign for the group

Still planning, the club has restarted so now it is just a case of finding a good weekend.

5. Add a new detachment to one of my 40k armies FINISHED- but ongoing

So, this is technically finished, but in reality, it isn't. In May I finished up a Techmarine (finecast one from the thunderfire cannon, with some servo-harness weapon swaps), which means that I have completed a Vanguard Detachment!

But not only that, in June I have also finished up a transport for some Scouts, the Landspeeder Storm. This model and I.... didn't really get along. flat panels and the storm lords colour scheme can be quite demotivating, so the net result was that I actually finished the first set of Scout passengers in April, but it took me a good two months to get the speeder itself done!

Built as per the kit, except for giving the Scouts helmets, because if you are wearing advanced combat armour, you are going to wear an Emperor damn helmet. Heads came from Anvil Industries.

I have a strong love hate relationship with this model.
So. Much. Hate.
But so much love for the finished version!
This is the full collection of Storm Lords painted this year!
Next month should be the scouts to ride in the speeder!

6. Buy a starter box and paint all of it

I've got a plan for this now- expect to see some progress soon!

7. Paint a Space Marine Heroes Series- FINISHED!

The day after I posted the April blog, I got a parcel containing the final Death Guard Hero!

And so, all six are now finished!

All six "Heroes"

The now finished Champion!
8. Update a 15mm Napoleonic army for Blackpowder

I got these out of the box! But still haven't done more with this yet.

9. Paint a stand alone force- DONE

0. Update and improve a table of terrain- DONE

11. Paint a Flames of War Army (In progress)

No progress on these in May, but I finished up two units in June.

First up is a Parachute Anti-Tank Platoon of 4 57mm guns

And a flight of P-47 Thunderbolts! Silver rattle can did most of the heavy lifting on these. Sadly, my box didn't come with decals, but I managed to make do with what I had in my decal spares box!

All up that's now 68 points done, and I need to order some more models....

12. Finish what I should have finished last year- DONE

And that's it, on to June!

Morty is pleased that the schedule has resumed. Do not disappoint him again....

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