Saturday, 17 October 2020

Flames and Flamethrowers

 It's a bit of a workbench blog this week as there's always a certain drop in motivation in the days after an event. That is to say, I don't want to paint anything, but I'll make lists till I get bored!
Remember December
Every year on our club’s closing day before Christmas we run an event dedicated to the memory of our friend and fellow nerd, Nick. This year, blogger Pooch has proposed we play 60 point Mid-war Flames of War which, in the aftermath of Flamescon, has indeed led to a flurry of list making.

I have decided that, for a change, I’d take Italian infantry and set about making lists and, honestly, not loving a lot of what I was coming up with. I really like the Bersaglieri Weapons Company but couldn't find something I was happy with. And then I was sifting through my bits box and hit upon some models which I didn’t know I had: 

Burninating the countryside!

Genius! I had enough spare flamethrower models (and enough old command teams!) to be able to run a second platoon of Assault Engineers and so Compagnia Genio! I saw A LOT of Churchill Crocodiles at FlamesCon and it would seem that flamethrowers are where it's at! So I’ve got a couple of ideas for list variants and I’m not sure which one will make the cut. I might have to *gasp* practice!

The core: 
Assault Engineer platoon with two Brixia mortars and two flamethrowers
Assault Engineer platoon with two Brixia mortars and two flamethrowers
81mm Mortar Platoon
The support:
5 L6/40s
1 90mm Lancia da 90mm
Then either:
5 M14/41s or 3 Semovente 75s
The Lancia is pretty dumb but it's a cool model and I hardly ever get to use them. I'm really stuck on the M14s vs Semoventes choice - the Semovente is an objectively better tank hunter but 5 M14/41s is a powerful attacking force and while the gun isn't great, there aren't too many things in MW where trying to get AT 6 side shots vs AT 8 front shots is too much different. 
So I dunno at this point. 

Warhammer 40K

I have started working on the Strike Squad...
I've base coated the other five too...

...but have also been distracted by the new options available to the Deathwatch in 9e and have been plotting some re-equipping there:
Attack bike with Heavy Bolter....NAH!
There's some serious arm replacing to do with my original Deathwatch Veterans but I'll wait till the Codex drops in November / December before I work out which models in the box need to be heavily amended! 
Next Time
We've been talking about some test games of 60 point lists at the club next weekend so I'll give the lads a run there and see how that Italian list works out. I'll be working through the Strike Squad to get those finished and getting onto the Attack Bike once I find a base big enough. 

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