Saturday, 3 October 2020

So. Much. Gunmetal.

 The deck clearing process begins again! There are a few things piled up that have been waiting to be done for a while - Grey Knights, 15mm Sentinels, some miscellaneous Imperial Guard characters and a whole bunch of random things from the drawer of shame. 

I decided to start with the Grey Knights, beginning with this wonderfully generic Grey Knight character. I really needed an HQ choice that wasn't a special character so I picked up the Librarian / Captain / Grand Master. It arrived as Finecast and, for once, it wasn't a massive pile of drama cleaning up the resin.

All the possible generic Grey Knights characters!

I added the back banner out of the Paladin box and a few generic bits and bobs from my bits box, so he fits in with the rest of my Grey Knight Terminators, but otherwise as built. It's quite a nice model and I rather enjoyed  painting it.

On the flip side of that, I also painted up the Rhino that my Strike Squad are going to ride around it. So much flat gunmetal.

Gunmetal tank

Looking at the photo, I think I want to paint the top deck doors to match the feature panels on the sides - I'll just need to find a suitable transfer or two to decorate it a little more.

Have I painted the Strike Squad? No. Don't be silly. I need to book in a game or two of 9e to a) learn the rules properly and b) try out my Guard with their Grey Knight backbone. That'll get me to paint the Strike Squad. He says. Optimistically.

Next Time

I'll be at an event with Bloggers Pel, McBeth, Pooch and Scotty! *Gasp!* I'll do a bit of a write up on Monday for the collective nerdery and a rough cut of how my FallschirmStuGs go. I'm not expecting it to go well but hey, just looking forward to playing some games. 

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