Saturday, 21 November 2020

A little painting and progress

 It's been a fairly hectic couple of weeks and I haven't had much of an inclination to paint all that much but with a bit of quiet time in between a weekend of yardwork, I've finished up a couple of models.

The first was  a Nighthaunt Lord Executioner:

The Lord Executioner

He'll step in for the Dreamhunter or the Fleshripper Large Infantry heroes in my Nightstalkers army in Kings of War. I do need to find a 20mm washer of some sort to glue under the base as while this is perfectly balanced on the base, the slightest wobble and he's over.

While this was getting done, I base-coated the Knight of Shrouds too. It's not a model I should have assembled before painting. Mistakes were made. But the base coats are down and I'll be working on him while I ponder the next step in Ghostie-army development. I've got some ideas on some Ghostie things to work on over the Christmas break.

The other model I started on was one I fished out of the Drawer of Shame realising that it'll be the second model in my new Oops, All Humans Frostgrave warband:

Pew Pew!

I honestly don't know where this model came from. It's a Reaper model, I think. I suspect I picked it up to be a DnD Ranger of some sort (there's a double-handed sword strapped to the back of the pavise) but I just loved the idea of a model in plate armour with a crossbow. He'll go into the Frostgrave warband as a Marksman.

Pooch has hooked me up with an excellent model who will serve as an apprentice to Saskia Waldlaufer, my very barbarian wizard and painting up this guy has got me enthused about the idea of a really motley collection of mercenaries to be their warband. Reaper is definitely going to be a port of call on this particular quest although there are a few others I like the look of too.

Next Time

More Gaslands! I've got a bit of a plan to try and batrep a Gaslands race. I'm not super confident it's going to work but I'll give it a blat. I'm going to start a bit of a hunt for the rest of the models I'd like to use in this new Frostgrave wizgang. I'm hoping for a real mish-mash of nonsense! I'm also rebuilding a few of my 40K Deathwatch Veterans with the new codex while preparing for some small scale campaign stupidity in 2021! 

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