Saturday, 7 November 2020

More painting miscellany

 With some abominable weather around home this weekend, painting was rather the order of the day so that's what I've been up to! Let's go through the workbench in scale order, ascending. 

The Stupid

I added a box of Cerastus Knights to my House Hyboras household to support our 6mm Stupid Apocalypse. I like the idea of having a pair of identical Knight Banners, each containing a Lancer, Acheron and Castigator. 

Acherons on the left, Castigators on the right

I suspect we'll get a few games of this in over the Christmas break if we don't get there beforehand. I do need to do some transfers but that's a quiet afternoon in when I can work out some coats of arms for each of the knights. Need to do a bit of thinking on that one.


 15mm is great fun. It's so easy to paint and finishes up really nicely.

Fog throwers!

I'm not really moving forward on the *actual* army - just doing support units at the moment. I suspect I'll wind up doing the Grenadiers in one very long production line including HMGs, 81mm mortars and six Panzerschrecks. Before then, PaK40s and RSOs to do and then a bit of a pondering on how to fit what I've done for this army with the work I did on my old 653 Schwere Panzerjager as the dunkelgelb REALLY doesn't match and I don't think I want to repaint that as well.


Making a bit of progress on this now. I've had all these primed for a while and playing the excellent game of DracAm with Pooch and Tank last week have given me some impetus to work on these.

Metal Gamin and Miner with dynamite

The Metal Gamin was one of the few models in the early Malifaux 3e plastics that I didn't hate. It's just cute and will be a low-level summon if I decide to summon anything in a campaign. The Miner is the third of three and got done because I discovered that dynamite is an option in DracAm and I love having dynamite in Wild West games. It never goes well for me which is why I keep doing it. 

Next Time

Club day! Looking forward to a game of something and definitely a batrep to follow whatever that game might be! I'm also working on some 15mm PaK40s and a couple of the characters for my Ghosties that seemed like it might be fun to paint. I've also started ticking through the remaining Malifaux models although I have a bunch of steampunk spiders around that I could repaint for DracAm as well if I can work out what to use them as!

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