Sunday, 1 November 2015

and not the rugby

Though AWESOME it was that my adopted country thrashed their noisy neighbours in spectacular fashion, life did move on afterwards. In this case it meant Myself, Scotty and Mcbeth getting together to continue making terrain for next year's Brandywine game.

Thankfully I'd tidied and sorted all of the part finished things from our last gathering so getting everything sorted wasn't too big a deal.

The younger Scotty and McBeths ensconced themselves in the garage to play warmachine..

So we decided to decamp to the driveway and enjoy the peace.. and sun :)

With a "brief" break for beer and saussies we were able to crack through a fair whack of the terrain we'd left;

we managed to get a layer of sand and PVA on the bases of the fences in the morning and, with the sun celebrating the Kiwi victory as well, they'd dried enough by the afternoon for a first coat of burnt umber. Ready for the drybrush on the fence rails and sand then flocking next time.

 The three 4Ground laser cut buildings were finished whilst the sand and PVA dried. these are seriously sweet buildings, so much detail.. even if the doors seems to hang the wrong way round....

the stands of trees that Tank had managed to get sorted out last time also got a coat of burnt umber on the bases.

Next terrain day looks like it will be a day of dry brushing and flocking.

We're also going to be taking a looong roll of paper to the Hutt Club meeting at the end of November and see about drawing out the battle field in 1:1 and just check that the table size we're planning will allow enough units to be placed without crowding... I sense a lot of paper cutting between now and then to represent battalions...




  1. Sun, beer, BBQ, terrain making? What could have made yesterday better? NOTHING!

  2. Maybe being World Champs....oh wait, we had that too :)