Monday, 16 November 2015

Prinny's Finished Painting Project

Well I finally finished one of my many painting projects that I seem to have on the go at the moment...

I now have some space on the painting desk to put the AWI that I should of been working on.

Also I played a game of Bolt Action, which I enjoyed but suffered from some new game no idea moments. But it was fun so I see lots more BA in my future.

So here are some pictures of my finished Kiwi Bolt Action Forces, though I still might need to paint up a couple of figures to make it competitive. All of the figures are from Warlord Games apart from the Staghound which is a Blitzkreig Miniature (and very nice).

HQ with PIAT and Forward Observer
Squad One 
Squad Two

Squad Three

6 Pdr AT gun with Bren Gun Carrier

MMG and Mortar

My pride and Staghound

M10 Wolverine now with Stowage

Also I have been painting some AWI for the Brandywine game we have planed for next year, most likely this will be with Blackpowder, but since it is months away this is subject to change :)

The Riflemen and 3pdr are from Foundry Miniatures.

Because you have to have rifles

Blinky the wonder cannon

And finally for something just a bit silly here is my pathfinder character.... From Super Dungeon Explorer.
Pew Pew "Magic Missile"

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  1. nice work on the Bolt Action minis - looking forward to getting my Yanks now (CAW CAW CAW! ;o) )