Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Splashing' the Paint Around!

It's been a couple of busy weeks but I have managed to get some painting completed. My first project is completing my Hordes Trollbloods second list. I started this whole new faction because I wanted to run big hitty models. Khador (my first faction) have lots of great warjacks with big smashy axes and loads of armour, but none of the casters can really run more than one 'Jack efficiently (and certainly struggle to run them competitively). So off to Trollbloods I went with my first 50 point list boasting 11 war beasts (the infamous Calandra EE list), and man it is fun. Madrak is my second caster - and I have decided to use as many beasts as I can. In fact I am determined to keep the troll infantry to a minimum for all my lists.
The trolls in the background are my Impaler, Axer and Bouncer. I decided to put the facepaint on them to make them look more savage. I have also finished the Earthborn and a Swamp Troll, and my last Slag Troll.
To finish the collection - a solo, Janissa Stonetide. I am really looking forward to getting these out on the table now.
Infinity is another game popular amongst the magpies. I have a Combined Army (a mix of Alien races ruled and controlled by an EI). I have enjoyed painting the next few in the collection, particularly the Sniper.
And this TAG (big battle roboty thing.
And here is the whole group - ready for action.
The Regiment are also preparing for the Brandywine big fight - and here is my contribution so far (Colonial Militia).
Well - back to the painting table I go :)

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