Monday, 16 November 2015

week 2 - not so incapacitated

After frigging around trying to get the pics off my phone I can finally update my painting log for the second week of my enforced painting seclusion.. err.. sick leave! :)

first up I managed to finish off Prinny's AWI regiment for the BrandyWine game

I am pleased with how these have turned out. The blue coats are virtually a wash over the white undercoat. this gives them a slightly faded look which I think suits the "on campaign" look. Taking the breeches up to white also worked out well in the end . Well, that's the 4th New Jersey sorted, now onto the 7th Virginia...

I also managed to get another ninja off the blocks for Infinity, this time with a sniper rifle.

damn picture rotation! Still, it doesn't look too bad. I think I'm going to try something different for the green glow on the last Ninja. The inks give it a bit too much of a shine so I'll give it a go with straight paint...

And finally, just in the background you can see my Pathfinder RPG character. It's one of the Reaper bones minis, technically a halfling bard but I'm using him to represent my gnome bard Wiki

I'm not a big fan of the resin material used for these minis, you lose a lot of the crispness that you get with white metal but hey, it's cheap :) He's a little rushed and untidy but more than adequate for the game.

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