Saturday, 4 January 2020

Good Gravy!

Frostgravy? It's just....nah. I'm going to leave that alone. It's too early in 2020 to start with that kind of nonsense.

I'm not going to narrate you the games - they were all so very mad. I lost my wizard in the first game after he took 8 damage to get off a great spell, which promptly did nothing, and then he was shot in the head by one of McBeth's archers! Otherwise, in both games, I had a turn where a significant proportion of the enemy wizgangs were removed in one fell swoop which rather swung them in my favour.  
Thug loses fight to statue. And then gets crumbled through the floor by McB's wizard.  
Other thug stalking a treasure hunter
McBeth's wizgang 
On the table next to us, Scotty and McBeth's padawan apprentices duke it out
My Templars stare down Scotty's thieving thief! 
The Padawan Apprentice advances across a wide front

An Undead Knight gets into the Elven backfield

Taking on a wizard with a Templar. I wound up stealing his life! 
My thugs make quick work of the Padawan's backfield
The number of dice marking wounded dudes is many....
*slightly belated hat tip to Scotty’s Padawan Apprentice for sharing his photos for me to share with you!

I'm looking forward to second edition to see what kind of tweaks have been made. We halved all the damage in our games to see if it made the annoying "I rolled 28, you're just dead" experiences less irritating and it definitely did that. The most damage you could easily do was about 6 in one go. Having said that, we probably should have also used the 'wounded' optional rules and I think that might have worked quite well.

The after-game system still feels a bit too swingy - I got 8 scrolls in our second game, one of which I kept. That 700 additional gold is A LOT. It only takes a couple of games to get some serious coin in and upgrade your soldiers to be the best they can be. At the end of game one, I had enough money to spend 100 keeping my Wizard alive and buy two Templars and a Knight for game 2 - and they're the most expensive dudes there are!

Next Time
My first month of 6mm daemons and an addition to my Guard army too with a bit of luck.

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