Saturday, 4 January 2020

Scott’s Lot for 2020

It has been quite while since I dropped a post, but I am back.

This is my what I need to do for this year post, I am not regimented enough to do monthly things I tend to just aim for a goal and go for it. With that in mind here is what I have planned for this year.

  • Update my Grey Knights for 40k when the new book is released in January. I plan to play these guys at Valleycon on 18/19 Jan and then redo them when the update brings me all the goodness and jank that 40k dish out with each release.
  • 500 points of Epic scale Imperial Fists with Knights for the craziness that is Apocalypse.
  • For Fields of Blood this year (September 2020) I am building a themey Alpha Legion List. I have been quite taken by the Horus Heresy books and just love the deceptive nature of the Alpha legion. I have plans here and will share them as I make progress.
  • Finish up my Spartans for Mortal Gods. Not much to do here just need to do know the feeling.
  • Learn how to use an airbrush. This is one that will take time and I will share my experiences. I have an old airbrush and a compressor but just need a couple of lessons from Pelarel to give it a go and try it out.
  • Make a Late War WWII Flames list. A game I have played but never really played much. I really enjoyed our remember December games last year and I am keen to put some effort in here.
  • Using my freshly learned airbrush skills (see above) paint up some of the terrain I have sitting awaiting some attention.
Sorry not many images for this post but maybe this will help tide you over

Here are some thirty Necromunda Palanites I am going to use for cultists in the Alpha Legion List....

30 Palanite Cultists...

Until next time, Scotty....out!

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