Saturday, 11 January 2020

Good summer weather for painting. Indoors!

First productive blog post of 2020.

Adding Stuff to a 40K Army

Sometime last year, I picked up a mint set of Colonel Schaeffers Last Chancers, made by GW in the last days of Warhammer 40K Second Edition. They're a great looking set of models and I am super happy to have them. I've finished the first six this week:

Warrior Woman and Shiv

Rocketgirl and Fingers

Hero and Scope
 Disappointingly, this unit is missing from 40K 8th Edition but a bit of craftiness means I can still use them. A Catachan Imperial Guard Vanguard Detachment will allow me to put them on the table. The HQ is Colonel Schaeffer himself and the 3 Elite choices will be a Veteran Squad with special weapons and a rocket launcher team, the Catachan Sergeant Harker (subbing in for Ox) and a Commissar, because what Penal Legion doesn't go into combat with it's own law enforcement?!

The Stupid
Man, painting 6mm is EASY. And so much fun. And it looks SO good. Here is my Month 1 6mm Apocalypse force:
I love the classic Bloodthirster, who's almost as big as a 40K infantryman, and the Doomblaster subbing in as a Cannon of Khorne. The Bloodletters look amazing (the casts aren't the crispest, but at this scale, it's fine) and the Fleshhounds were some of the easiest things ever.

I rebased the Fleshhounds from 25mm bases to 40mm for them to be easier to deal with and got Month 2 based up while I was there:
Predators, a Lord on a Juggernaut, 2 Helbrutes and a Land Raider

Next Time
Some photos of the games at our annual gaming club convention. I'm TOing the Team Yankee event so will definitely pick some of the cool stuff and show it off there as well as the best of the rest of the event. Lazy blog post, I admit, but I'm expecting to spend the weekend mostly painting so I should get some things done to post as well.

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  1. Holy shit little 6mm space crusade dreadnought. That's sweet as. I just brought a copy of the old space crusade board game